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Rishi Kothari

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Simply Reliance - Exclusive News -Plan Variants to be Launched "Customer Chooses the Pulse"- This is truly India's Most Disruptive & Best Tariff Plan

Exclusive Updates to "Simply Reliance" Plan - India's Best and Most disruptive Telecom Tariff Plan.

I don't like to explain tariff plans to people - i believe they should understand them on their own.

But this step by Reliance Communications is an another first by them - a pioneering step which made them launch country's Most Disruptive Tariff plan on October 5th 2009 in Simply Reliance

and now in November 2009 - they are going to launch its extensions (source based news).

So here is my explanation to make people choose the best.
RCOM’s new plan extensions (to be launched) to the Simply Reliance Plan are — customer chooses the pulse plans.
(Extension Plans to Simply Reliance are not officially launched on the website still - but will be launched shortly as per the source)
After almost 3.75 years of BSNL Launching its One India Plan - this step by a Pan India operator like Reliance Communications is an another milestone in the Indian telecom industry.

They have altered the Industry landscape towards them (in their favor). Although the short term profitability impacts on the company and the entire industry are negative but the game plan currently for all the companies is to garner maximum Revenue Market Share.

Additionally RCom wants to Increase Network Utilization & be properly placed for service upgrades post 3G Launch as their current networks are already 3G ready.

This Reliance Offer is available to All its GSM + CDMA subscribers - New & Existing.

Unlike its competitors RCOM offer is applicable to All Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers - New & Existing. Also Plan Validity is for lifetime.

The Exclusive News with our Team is that they are about to Launch Variants of Simply Reliance Plan.
  • They will launch a 1 paisa per second plan with Rs. 0.60 per minute cost
  • and a per 180 second plan with Rs. 1 per 3 minute cost (effective cost .33 paise per minute).
Rcom's Plans are without any conditions or monthly recharge commitment.

RCOM has taken the pricing war to the pulse level. The offer to customers is simple – customer chooses the pulse duration (second, minute, or 3 minutes) and the higher the pulse duration, the lower the per-pulse charge.
RCOM's another Pricing action is similar to Volume Discounting in segments or slabs. This has and will put pressure on Incumbents like Airtel and Vodafone who are responding to the price war with a passive approach - which is ridden with lots of conditions or riders along with the tariff plans which they offer. Airtel Advantage Plan and Airtel Freedom Plan are both expensive as compared to Simply Reliance Plan by as much as 20% to 60% in various tariffs they offer and again their offers are timed - 30 day validity or 1 year validity. Unlike reliance whose offers are for lifetime.
Please find below the image showing the details of the plan: Data Marked in Gold Color is The officially launched correct data.

Thus next time you choose your operator then kindly see who offers what without any conditions attached to it. And don't go by the face value please. (We acknowledge the company website and kotak report for this information)


Bisnis Pulsa Murah said...

is the tarrif fix or it may be change?thanks.


@Bisnis Pulsa Murah - these tariffs are for lifetime as per the company